The Shaya Barnett Foundation is so excited to announce a brand new initiative in conjunction with The New Orleans Career Center!  We will be lending support to the students in the form of donated cooking tools, curriculum & lesson plans, guest speakers, field trips and more.

We need your help to equip the Culinary and Hospitality students with all the tools they need to succeed this year so they are  prepared to head off to secondary education or into the work force as hospitality professionals.  New Orleans is known all over the world for great food, lodging, and hospitality and together we can help to prepare our community to be ready to meet the growing demands of our locals and visitors.

The New Orleans Career Center provides high-quality, industry-informed, career and technical education training, credentialing, and support for successful high school transition, post-secondary placement, and persistence. All the equipment and tools donated will go directly into the hands of students from schools all across the city. Students will attend 3 hour classes, 5 days a week, to learn essential culinary and hospitality skills together.

Help us make these student’s dreams come true, and check out what the students have requested! You can donate one wooden spoon or cutting board, or even 5! There is a wide range of tools and equipment here, so you can give what you are comfortable with! Let’s come together as a community and really give these students an amazing learning opportunity! *note: Monetary donations can be made through the “donate” button on this website